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Assessments and Referrals

The Assessment & Referral Center (ARC) is accessible 24 hours, 7 days per week to provide immediate access to confidential care. Our compassionate team of psychiatrists, nurses and master’s level clinicians are uniquely qualified to evaluate an individual and initiate the recommended course of treatment. The comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment recommendations are tailored to the needs of the individual. Our multi-disciplinary team works together with experienced, on-site psychiatrists that are readily available for immediate consultation.

The ARC Team is pleased to provide additional information about our services, schedule an assessment, or coordinate a referral at any time. Our goal is to assist you in your time of need by offering compassionate care and exceptional customer service to individuals, families and referring professionals.

Confidential care is merely a phone call away.

Who Can Make A Referral?

Anyone can make a referral to The Horsham Clinic, whether it is for themselves or for a family member or friend who needs our behavioral health treatment services.

Among those who can contact us to make a referral are:

  • The patient themselves
  • Parents or other family members
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Educational professionals
  • Clergy
  • Insurance companies
  • Crisis centers
  • Friends

How Can I Make A Referral

The Assessment and Referral center at The Horsham Clinic is open 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days a year to accept referrals and conduct assessment interviews to determine if treatment at The Horsham Clinic is appropriate.

Do I Need To Make An Appointment?

Appointments for assessments are not necessary but we recommend that you call in advance to schedule an appointment, if possible. Appointments can usually be scheduled the same day, or any other time that is convenient for you.

Call 1-800-237-4447 at any time to schedule an appointment.

If I need assistance on a weekend or in the evening, how do I contact the Horsham Clinic?

Call 1-800-237-4447 at any time to schedule an appointment.

Our Assessment & Referral Center is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call 1-800-237-4447 for information